52 Women Making an Impact in Product Management

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We have compiled a list of experienced product management professionals with a track record for success – and they are all women. With backgrounds in engineering, marketing and business, some of them are even founders of their own companies. Spread across the globe, they not only have day jobs in product management, but often also write blogs or organise events for the community.

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  1. Mina Radhakrishnan has been at Google, Modcloth and UBER. Her interviews on Product Management are a must watch!
  2. After being director of product at Twitter for almost 5 years, April Underwood now holds a position as VP of Product at the unicorn “Slack”.
  3. Donna Boyer makes sure products are running smoothly at Airbnb.
  4. After being a Director of Product at Yahoo, Soma Biswas is now the VP Products, Big Data Labs at American Express.
  5. With a background in engineering, Sri (Srilakshmi) Mudigere is a Global Product Manager at PayPal.
  6. Stanford, Google, Facebook and for the past 5 years Quora: Sandra Liu Huang is a Director of Product Management with quite a track record.
  7. VP of Product at Athos, Rose Yao has been in product management at Facebook and Google for over 10 years.
  8. With a bachelor degree from MIT and a master from Columbia University, Gargi (Mitra) Keeling started her career in 2000 as a product manager for Sun and today she is leading the product management of the biggest virtualization provider out there: vmware.
  9. With an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management, Christine Fok is a Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn.
  10. Previously a founder, Vaneessa Larco is now Director of Product Management – Mobile & Web at Box.
  11. Roma (Majumder) De is a Director of Product Management at Netflix for more than 5 years and has been working in product management since 2002.
  12. With a degree from Stanford, Sabrina (Chueh) Ellis was a Director of Product Management and a VP at Yahoo, and now she is working in product management at Google.
  13. Currently a Sr. Director of Product Management at Shopkick, Nisha Victor was previously at Yahoo, Ebay and Microsoft.
  14. Lindsay Matthews started her career at Intuit and has been a Senior Product Manager at Yammer for the last 2 years.
  15. Bo Ren is product manager at Instagram and Facebook. Her philosophy: user trust and empathy is everything.
  16. A product consultant in the US, Teresa Torres is also the author of ProductTalk.
  17. Hope Gurion is a seasoned product leader acting as a Chief Product Officer for CareerBuilder for over 6 years.
  18. Caroline Gaffney has been the Head of SlideShare product for the past 5 years.
  19. A mentor for Product Management 101 MBA course at Harvard Business School, Janet Lee worked at Oracle, Lattice and is currently at Timetrade.
  20. No secret anymore that the name and face behind “The Cranky Product Manager” is Sue Raisty, currently product management consultant.
  21. Over at Pinterest, Lulu Cheng is a Product Manager. She was also doing Product Marketing at Dropbox and Microsoft.
  22. Ellen Chisa, VP of Product at Lola, is keeping a very interesting blog on product management.
  23. Thompson De Ana is a VP in Product Management at Xerox.
  24. Marla (MZ) Goodman is the VP Digital Products at goop and was at Ralph Lauren and in charge of product management for 6 years at The New York Times.
  25. Product Camp organizer in D.C., Alicia Dixon is a Senior Product Manager at Hilton.
  26. An advocate herself for women in product managementMerci Victoria Grace has been a product manager at Couch Surfing, Gigwalk and more recently Group Product Manager at Slack.
  27. Adrienne Tan is the founder of the conference Leading the Product and Brainmates, product management training provider.
  28. Over at Avangate for the last 5 years Adriana Iordan has been a Senior Product Manager.
  29. We all know robots are the future. Shilpi Gupta has been a product manager at iRobot for over 5 years now.
  30. Giving every child an opportunity to learn to code is the mission behind code.org, where Alice Steinglass is the VP of Product and Marketing.
  31. Product Manager at TripCase in the US, Emily Tate is a very active member of the community, organizing ProductTank and being part of the conference board at Product Management Festival.
  32. Maritza Perez is a product manager with over 10 years of experience and currently working on security products.
  33. Janna Bastow is the co-founder of ProdPad, ProductTank and Mind the Product.
  34. Sport bets isn’t an industry just for men. Jennifer Flynn is the Head of Product Management at Sportsbet, part of the International gaming company Paddy Power Betfair.
  35. Sarah Milton is All 4 Head of Product at Channel 4 in the UK.
  36. Currently Senior Product Manager at Yelp and a Harvard Alumna, Frances Haugen was part of the team who built Google+.
  37. Lucie McLean is Head of Product for Children’s at BBC and a board member of the Product Management Festival.
  38. An MIT graduate Aye Moah co-founded and is running product at Boomerang.
  39. With over 10 years’ experience in product, Sonia Araujo is currently the CPO at Your.MD in London.
  40. Khushboo Taneja received the Microsoft Women – Inspiration Award. She has worked at Microsoft and currently is a Group Product Manager at LinkedIn.
  41. Sudha Mahajan was in charge of display advertising at Yahoo for 7 years and now she is managing product at Flipkart.
  42. Ellen Gottesdiener is an Agile Product Management expert running her own consulting company.
  43. Katrin Grothues is a Senior Product Manager at HolidayCheck in Munich, Germany.
  44. Lesley Mottla built Zipcar’s global customer experience function and team from scratch and is currently SVP Product & Experience at M.Gemi.
  45. After 4 years as a product manager for a security company, Iulia Porneala has moved on to organize Product Management Festival.
  46. Taru (Rana) Reilly is Director Product Management in Data Science and Engineering at Dow Jones, based in New York.
  47. Ande Jauch-Tulp is the Director for Global Product Management Consumer at Medela, a successful medical device company in Switzerland.
  48. Elise Holzheimer runs VP of Product Management at TuneCore.
  49. Elena Kelareva is among the many talented Product Managers at Google.
  50. Winner of “100 Most Creative People in Business”, Jocelyn Mangan is the Global Product Executive at Open Table.
  51. A Senior Product Manager in the jobs team, Vidya Chandra is located in California and has a background in marketing.
  52. Siobhan Maughan is the founder of IntegratedThinking, a software Product Management consultancy company.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I’m in awe of the other women on this list!

    Just wanted to clarify that my team is building a new security solution for encrypting network traffic in the data center. This is just one of many products at VMware, managed by talented PMs throughout our company.

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