Claudio Lehmann


After working for more than 10 years in the financial industry, Claudio decided to take a leap and become an entrapreneur.

“I always loved products and I always loved change. That’s why I quit my job as a banker in 2013 and found my own start-up: YOOTURE. For those who do not know it yet: YOOTURE is like online dating for jobs. It simply connects candidates and jobs if the make the perfect match. Try it out, free download of the app via Creating a product from scratch in a start-up environment is incredibly inspiring and satisfying!

Before I was working 10 years in the IT Department of UBS. First as a Business Manager for a large IT Sector, later as a Department Head, responsible for different Software Products: first I was heading Advisory Solutions, providing the Client Advisors with a first class toolset to manage their relationships, portfolios etc.. Later I was responsible for all the client facing online channels: e-banking, mobile banking, ATMs, Teller Solutions, etc.
It was all around products in the past years: this is where my passion is.”