Nikhil Dwarakanath

Head of Analytics & Data Products

Nikhil currently leads Analytics & Data Products at Grab. Among other things, he has been driving the mandate to build a data driven product and a culture of experimentation, while seeding data and AI across the organization.

Prior to Grab, he was part of the Data Science function at Snapdeal, and was primarily responsible for developing a data driven Product. He was instrumental in institutionalizing a culture of A/B testing firm wide, and continued to champion the cause through his stint. While here, he also incubated the Growth function and co-managed DAU & repeat rates. Before Snapdeal, he was part of the Data practice at Genpact and solved problems for retail & lending institutions around the world.

Nikhil is passionate about building objective, orthogonal and scalable solutions that leverage data. Through the years, he has also enjoyed building high performance teams, and identifying white spaces where data sciences can be applied.