Pieter Walraven

Product Manager

Pieter Walraven is a Product Manager on the Next Billion Users team at Google which is focused on building products aimed at addressing trends and needs of users in emerging markets.

Prior to this, Pieter was the co-founder of Pie, an enterprise messaging service that was acquired by Google. At Pie Pieter wore different hats. He was focused on product, hiring, not running out of money, and, user outreach, among others.

Prior to founding Pie, Pieter was product manager at social gaming startup Playfish in Beijing, focused on running ‘games as a service’ maximizing engagement, virality, and monetization. After Playfish was acquired by EA Pieter worked on Sim City Social. He also spent a portion of his career consulting US tech companies and VC firms on virtual goods business model innovations at Plus 8 Star in Beijing.

Pieter is the organizer of Product Hunt Singapore and holds a Master of Arts from the University of Amsterdam.