Don’t make a mistake twice. Make new ones! #PMF14

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Christian Konz is a product management expert, passionate blogger, trainer, networker and structural designer

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Ken Norton from Google Ventures has a very relaxed attitude towards mistakes. Not that he likes to make them. Yet at Google Ventures, the venture capital subsidiary of Google, it seems to be a fundamental belief that mistakes are opportunities. It would probably be rather naive, if a venture capitalist is looking for the one repeatable success formula, a kind of standard operating procedure, like an algorithm which can be put on any corporate development. Success guaranteed? Not at all. There is no such standard. Every business venture is complex and new based on mistakes and opportunities.

Committing mistakes always supports learning. Errors are numbers, data and facts important to be interpreted correctly. Ken Norton, a Product Partner at Google Ventures responsible for product management, is one key note speaker at the Product Management Festival 2014  (# PMF14) in Zurich. Approximately 300 people, mostly product managers of different industries, arrived from all over the world. It is the passion for their job and the impulse to look at the big picture what unites them. Especially the company and industry-specific aspects of product management with its different views, concepts, tasks, methods and techniquesmake this event so interesting and exciting.

With the total of 30 presentations3 keynotes and an Opinion Battle between recognized product management experts, participants were spoiled for choice. They had to decide whether they want to experience product management from a softwarehardware or management perspective. And because the surrounding conditions also have to be right, the #PMF14conference board offered a wide choice of network opportunities during the communication breaks and made it as easy and enjoyable as possible. And from my point of view I absolutely agree with the participants’ feedback: a top conference, presenting state of the art product management expertise. 

But have yourself a look at these two days and throw yourself into the festival event. Follow myTwitter live recording of the # PMF14. And you won’t make a mistake 😉


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