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Michael Eckhardt is Managing Director & Senior Workshop Leader at Chasm Institute, is a veteran of Price Waterhouse, Harbridge Consulting, HP and Pepsico. 

He will be speaking at the Product Management Festival on the topic of “Crossing the Chasm 3.0— Key Tools / Insights / Examples from our Newest 2014 Edition” (2-Days Workshop) and “7 Deadly Sins: How to Successfully “Cross The Chasm” by Avoiding These Mistakes” (Talk)


What is your favorite product management blog / journal / etc.?

There are many excellent product management blogs + journals.  Perhaps my favorite is one that expands both left-brain and right-brain thinking, specifically because it is not just about product management, but about product success in competitive markets.  Caution: J probably a biased answer, as it is the blog from the chairman of my firm, Chasm Institute — Geoff Moore’s LinkedIn INFLUENCER blog addresses the broader universe of tech-related product + market challenges (

What skills does a successful product manager need to have?

B.G.D.C.I.  —-  Brains, Guts, Discipline, Customer Intimacy.
Not necessarily in this order!


Where do you see improvements for the area of product management?

Major improvement needed – become a “Whole Product Manager” and not just a Product Manager


What are the key trends that product managers need to know?

Two key ones:

  1. Stop confusing your product “vision” with your “next 6 to 12 months deliverables”
  2. ACT like a Product Manager, but THINK like a General Manager


What can our attendees expect from your presentation?

An intensive 2-day workshop with lots of real world examples that focus on how “Crossing the Chasm 3.0” methods help new breakthrough products – in software, web, digital, mobile, hardware, or services — get adopted more quickly by target customers.

All graduates of the 2-day tutorial receive the new 2014 “Crossing the Chasm” book, signed by Michael Eckhardt, one of the co-authors and Sept. 15-16 PMF tutorial instructor.


Which 3 learning points can attendees take back to work?

There are 4 learning points:

  1. Frameworks for helping PMs clarify what to do and what not to do
  2. Tools for helping PMs move forward with greater clarity, speed + confidence
  3. 9 Key Factors that predict the success or failure of new product launches
  4. Proven Method for Scoring / Rating / Ranking next 12-18 months market opportunities

Michael Eckhardt

Michael Eckhardt

Chasm Institute

Managing Director & Senior Workshop Leader at Chasm Institute, is a veteran of Price Waterhouse, Harbridge Consulting, HP and Pepsico.  An MBA graduate of Harvard Business School and Wall Street Journal Award winner, Michael Eckhardt is a recognized expert in product management & high-tech market success.


Michael Eckhardt has worked with over 90 tech-based businesses – from venture-backed start-ups
to global tech leaders.  Founded in 1993, his clients include:  Intel, Cisco, Xilinx, Adobe, HP, AT&T Wireless, SAP, Agilent Technologies, Micron, LMC Data Systems, NetApp, Autodesk, Plantronics, Mentor Graphics, and other high-tech businesses in software, web, mobile, hardware and services.

His four primary areas of focus are: (1) target market success, (2) product management best practices and tools, (3) predicting customer reaction to new product intro’s, and (4) driving profitable innovation.

Michael Eckhardt and his Chasm Institute Team have worked on market strategy for winning products, services and solutions in Silicon Valley and worldwide.  Geoffrey Moore is Chairman Emeritus of Chasm Institute, and Eckhardt has edited + contributed to several of Moore’s best selling high-tech strategy books, including the newest 2014 Edition of “Crossing the Chasm 3.0” and related articles and blogs.

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