Katherine Barrett

Senior Product Manager

Katherine is a product manager who has developed, delivered and optimised online B-2-B and B-2-C products. Through the product changes, Katherine has been successful by focusing on the people involved in the process rather than the process itself. Measuring customers’ speed to success, providers’ high fives and the teams’ bad jokes let Katherine know the product is headed in the right direction.

Katherine Barrett is a traveller, connection artist and team appointed minimum viable adult. Having a professional background in law and public relations means Katherine has never met a good story she doesn’t love. Since her start in product management, Katherine has worked on researching, creating and optimising products. She loves to question the concepts that have “always been done that way” and bring a new view to old classics.

Having started her product management career by decommissioning a product, Katherine has seen the birth, life and death of products and lived to tell the tale. With a love of shiny objects, Katherine recognises the importance of curation and clear purpose in product design.