KEYNOTE: Chris Griffiths

Chief Product Officer

Chris Griffiths became a product manager by accident; by simply being curious enough to figure out what customers wanted to inform what his tech team should build next and why. In the following 12 years Chris has amassed a depth of experience as both a hands-on product manager and product leader with global companies across fintech, travel, marketplaces and entertainment.

Chris knows first-hand the challenges of working across the products nobody cares about through to the products everyone wants to have a say on. And as a leader, through working across geographies and cultures, has built and ran product and tech teams to ship innovative, customer centric products at global scale.

Originally from the UK, Chris has lived and worked across Europe, US, Australia and Asia. He currently resides in Bangkok with his family, leading product as the Chief Product Officer for True Digital Group – a 700+ person organization serving 20M+ customers each month – whose mission is to leverage technology enable the digital economy in Thailand and beyond.