Shashank Gupta

Product Manager

On an 8 year journey, Shashank has managed diverse products areas like Search, Assistant, Ads and Identity. The common component on this journey has been the development of large platforms that smoothly cater to important end user experiences. Catering to diverse experiences via scaled platform features has led to constant innovation. Currently based out of Zurich, Shashank spearheads the video ads reservation space for Google. Before scaling this effort, he was deeply involved in the enterprise Identity space. Prior to Google, Shashank worked at Microsoft, Hyderabad and spent most of his time on machine learning, search relevance and intelligent assistance features. He started his career as an engineer and spent 5 years coding for the bond market and telecom assurance.

Product management has been a function of innovation, leadership and anticipation. Anticipation of not just user needs but also risks. In his session, Shashank will speak about risk anticipation as a facet of product management.