KEYNOTE: Sundar Srinivasan

General Manager – AI and Research

A career journey spanning 27 years, Sundar currently heads Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Research at Microsoft India, leading product innovation with AI technology.

Sundar’s career so far can be pegged down to a penchant for innovation combined with deep insights into customer use of technology. Prior to Microsoft, Sundar was one of the core designers and pioneers on the team that built ProQuest, an online information search service that was used by over a million users, in the 90s.

Sundar joined Microsoft in 1999, where he made significant contribution to product engineering, including Windows, Server and System Center before his return to search. He spearheaded initiatives such as Bing Lite & Skype Lite – for developing markets, and built personal digital assistance models.

He leads the team that builds Indian language speech recognition, text to speech capabilities, and neural machine translation models for Indian languages. Some other innovations built by his team are SMS organizer, an AI powered texting mobile app and “Ruuh” a desi chatbot on Facebook.

Sundar believes that great products are born out of deep customer insight, a refined product sense and a culture of innovation.