Wulan Mantik

Head of Product

Wulan is Head of Product in Growth Tribe in Bukalapak. She joined Bukalapak in December 2016, and was the first Product Manager pioneering the tribe. Her team now consists of 10 Product Managers who are held accountable for growing the company’s North Star Metrics. She is passionate about delivering impact not only to Bukalapak and its users but also to the bigger world outside there. She cares a lot about mental health and together with her best friend built a small foundation called The Forgotten People to help increase people’s awareness about mental health issues.

Wulan did her bachelor majoring in Informatics Engineering and holds an MSc in Economics from University of Amsterdam (after completing her premaster in University of Warwick). She spends most of her spare time hugging her daughters, swimming, practicing yoga, reading books, and hitting the gym.