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Interesting Reads


1. Driving Product Organizational Process Change at Scale

Driving organizational change at scale is not easy. Hendro Riyadi, VP of Product at Bukalapak, shares some of his learnings and provides the main takeaways to help anyone who is working on driving organizational process changes at scale. (Bukalapak)

2. Transforming Product Culture at Scale

“What would happen if your product culture cannot keep up with the company’s growth?”
Vincent Chan, Director of Product Management at GOGOVAN, covers in his article the lessons he learned along the journey of a successful cultural change initiative, including his pains, mistakes and how he turned things around. (GOGOVAN Technology)

3. Wartime Product Leadership lessons

“Travel businesses, like many other sectors, are having to think on their feet and react quickly to respond to unprecedented levels of cancellations and virtually zero new bookings.” What does this mean for Product teams, and specifically product leadership? Anna Divers, Group Product Director and Co-founder of Women @ HX network, gives her top 10 learnings from her recent experience of the corona-crisis. (Medium)

4. Product Discovery – A Practical Guide for Agile Teams (2020)

Are you building the right product for the right audience? Tim Herbig, Product Consultant & Coach shows in his guide the extensive range a Product Discovery can have and how to set up and execute your own Product Discovery process. (Tim Herbig)

5. Five Questions That (Newly) Virtual Leaders Should Ask Themselves

“Leaders not only need to sustain, but also to strengthen their skills in a virtual setting, particularly during a time when their teams are looking to them more than ever for direction.” Read the article of Melissa Raffoni, CEO and Founder of the Raffoni Group, and ask yourself five questions to ensure you are being the best leader you can be as you manage your team from home. (HBR)

6. Leading Myself out the Door: A New Tool in My Leadership Toolkit

“It’s your job as a leader to develop those on your team in order to build a leadership bench to take your job someday.” Laura Marino, former SVP of Product at Lever, shares her story about extremely tough personnel decisions she recently had to make. And, in the end sometimes we need to accept that oneself as leader is no longer needed either to make a company self-sustaining. (LinkedIn)

7. Making Sense of the Future After Losing a Job You Love

Losing a job is a loss of livelihood. The emotional impact goes beyond financial stress. Sally Maitlis, Professor of Organisational Behavior & Leadership at Oxford University, conducted over 10 years of research with people forced to leave the work they cared about. In her article she shares what she found in her research and how people tend to move through their grief and growth. (HBR)

8. Self-Leadership for Dummies: Turbo Charge your Work/Life

“A self-leader does everything that a leader should do, but for herself. She plans, motivates, listens, and cares for herself.” Balach, Founder of Epek, explains the S.A.M framework, that will help you give focus to your self-leadership journey. (Product Coalition)

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