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1. Six Types of “Product” Owners

The product owner role is still riddled with misunderstandings. Roman Pichler, describes in his article six common types of “product” owners, shows how the roles differ and relate to each other, and explains how you can effectively apply them. (Roman Pichler)

2. Why Covid is the Perfect Test for Every Product Manager

“If you’re a Product Manager during Covid, you either lost your job or got 2x busier.” Many PMs see the current situation as their moment to shine or for those who lost their jobs, they see this as an opportunity to re-tool, re-set and find their next opportunity. Connie Kwan, CEO at Product Maestro, shares why Covid is the perfect test for every Product Manager. (Medium)

3. How the Biggest Consumer Apps Got Their First 1,000 Users 

Every startup confronts at some point the question how to get their first 1,000 users. Lenny Rachitsky, former PM at Airbnb, has interviewed several founders, including founders of Tinder, Uber, TikTok, Netflix and many more on how they managed to overcome this hurdle. In his article, he shares their strategies. (Lenny Rachitsky)

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4. Ceremonies of a Team of Product Managers

Having a Product team meeting can be a challenge since PMs work in their own multidisciplinary teams and manage different project that usually have no correlation.
Luisja Álvarez, Head of Global Product at Telefónica CX, shares how they organize their team meetings and what rituals they perform to have a high-functioning Product team. (UX Collective)

5. The Curse of the Know-It-All Product Manager

It’s common for PMs to want to drive technical discussions for their product. However, PMs as “CEOs of the Products” do not have to know everything. “By letting go of your technical opinions on “how” the product delivers the intended outcome, you can make the team much more effective.” Kit Merker, SVP Business Development at NobI9, explains why PMs should let go of technical opinions. (Path to Product)

6. Product Management from Silicon Valley to South East Asia

What are the differences between Product Management in Silicon Valley vs South East Asia and how is Covid-19 influencing Product Management? Colin Pal, Product leader and ex-Chief Product Officer at CaterSpot participated in a recent online discussion session to talk product shop with other PMs in the SF Bay area, Singapore and Malaysia. He shares his notes from the insightful discussions. (LinkedIn)

7. The Eight Levels of Focus for Building Successful Products

“To create a successful product, it is important to understand each level and be able to effortlessly move between them.” Alana Brajdic, Product Designer at SafetyCulture, shares eight levels PMs should focus on to building successful products. (UX Collective)

8. Advice is More Important – and Overwhelming – than Ever. Here’s How Founders Can Cut Through The Noise.

Advice is by no means a silver bullet. An ability to effectively seek and hear out different perspectives can make a meaningful difference. First Round Review has rounded up six tactics from top experts for cutting through the noise and extracting the advice founders need to make meaningful decisions. (First Round)

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