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1. Stakeholder Management Tips for Product People

Effective stakeholder management can be challenging. Roman Pichler offers in his article practical tips to help you succeed in aligning the stakeholders, involving them in the right way, and securing their support for important product decisions. (Roman Pichler)

2. Four Myths of Bundling

“Isn’t bundling a bad thing?” Shishir Mehorotra, Co-founder and CEO at Coda, shares, “Over the past decade, my opinions on paid subscriptions and bundling have changed 180 degrees. And I’ve come to realize that some of my previous misconceptions are fairly commonplace.” This article goes over a new way to think about bundling, going over 4 myths that he’s regularly heard and what he would replace them with. (Shishir Mehrotra)
If bundling is a topic close to your heart, a complementary podcast episode Mr. Mehrotra gives on the “art and science of the bundle” can be found here.

3. Fifteen Ideas That Will Shape Your View of Building Products

Alex Pedicini, Product Manager at Wayfair, shares 15 ideas and mental models for product managers. First, it is important to start by asking Why. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” Find out more in his article and learn which other models are important. (Product Coalition)

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4. A Product Manager’s Guide to Usability Testing

One responsibility as Product Manager is to provide a delightful experience to their users. By conducting regularly Usability Tests, PMs can understand if their product is able to achieve this experience. Ezgi Demirayak, Product Manager at Intel, explains when, why, and how PMs should conduct Usability Tests. (The Startup)

5. Can Behavioral Economics Help You Build Better Products?

“Building great products is all about understanding people.” Ketan Nayak, Product Manager at Dropbox applied the findings of the book “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman and shares in his post how behavioral economics help PMs to build better products. (Medium)

6. Delegation for Product Leaders

How much should you delegate as product leader to the product managers on your teams. Rich Mironov, CEO and Product Management Executive at Mironov Consulting, shares what goals product leaders should focus on for effective delegation. (Rich Mironov)

7. Five Ways to Demonstrate Your Value – Remotely

With remote working arrangements, you do not have the visibility with your colleagues and managers that you normally would. Elizabeth Grace Saunders, founder and CEO of Real Life E, states that there are ways that you can make yourself and your accomplishments more visible to your organization, even when you’re not in the same building. (HBR)

8. Hit The Emotional Gym – The Founder’s Framework for Emotional Fitness

Psychologist and founder Dr. Emily Anhalt shares her seven traits of emotional fitness, why they are crucial for founders right now, plus concrete tactics for shaping up your emotional health. (First Round)

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