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Interesting Reads


1. Digital Transformation: How Can You Tell?

“Having talked about digital transformation for the better part of a decade, we are now experiencing a tornado of adoption.” Geoffrey Moore, Author, Speaker and Advisor, takes us on a journey to explain where we are now and where we need to go next. (LinkedIn)

2. Year of 2040: The Best Is Yet To Come

What trends will impact the world of 2040? Brendan Foley, VP of Product Management at Automation Anywhere, reviews how each of these trends will evolve between 2030 and 2040 and how life of a 35-year-old CEO of his own startup looks like in 2040. (Medium)

3. How to Level-Up Your Product Team: The Three ‘Ps’

Luke Gallimore, Head of Product Management at Nodes Agency, provides a framework to move product teams forward and “level-up” one’s capability. Therefore the three Ps – Purpose, Processes and People – need to be investigated, understood and assessed to build a full picture of the strengths and opportunities of a product management team. (Medium)

Noah Askin, Assistant Professor at INSEAD, gave an executive education webinar on how current/rising product management executives can assess and adapt org culture to these times. If you missed it, view it at

4. Nailing Product Positioning (with Examples)

Your customer does not care about your product? Despite your best efforts, your competition gets all the buzz? Before you go back to the drawing board, reconsider your product positioning. Marketer Bud Hennekes explains what you should consider. (CXL)

5. Career Insights Into Product Management featuring — Sarosh Mohammad [ Senior PM @ Microsoft ]

Product Management is a highly collaborative role. It’s getting a team together to build a great product. Codeuino’s Megha Pathak, summarizes career insights into product management from a webinar with Sarosh Mohammad, Senior PM at Microsoft. She explains what skillset is required for being a product manager, what a product roadmap looks like and provides tips and further reads for understanding product management. (The Startup)

6. Product Vision: Speak Language People Will Understand

Cleyton Messias, Product Manager at TrustVox, shares some lessons learned by adapting an existing digital product for new customer segments. He focuses on why and how the product vision is important, how to get the right people onboard and how to talk with other areas to get this vision. (Product Coalition)

7. Harvard Researcher Says The Most Emotionally Intelligent People Have These 12 Traits. Which do you have?

What really distinguishes the world’s most successful leaders is emotional intelligence. Years of studies show that the more emotional intelligence someone has, the better their performance. Daniel Goleman, Co-developer at Goleman EI, explains all 12 core competencies an emotional intelligent leader needs to have. (CNBC)

8. The Life Of A Product Manager (with GIFs)

A little levity for your day. 10 “moments” you have probably experienced in your PM life, described with the power of gifs and some nice quotes by Andrea Milan, Product Manager at Subito. Sometimes we just need to smile. 🙂 (Medium)

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