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1. Lying To Customers

“Lying to customers is more than just bad form: it is also bad business.” At some companies, brutally honest communication with customers is assumed, and reinforced by the executive team. At other companies, exaggeration is a cultural norm. Rich Mironov explains why he cares about being honest. (Rich Mironov)

2. Well That Escalated Quickly — Building Better Products With Escalation

One of the easiest and most effective things you can do, as a Product, Design or Eng Manager to run teams more effectively at scale, is to get better at escalating more effectively. Saumil Mehta, General Manager for Square Point of Sale, provides a few best practices to keep in mind for building better products with escalation. (The Startup)

3. How To Prioritize Features For Your Product

“Prioritization is tricky — it’s a constant balancing of what your business wants, what your customers expect, and what your team can realistically deliver in a short amount of time.” David Wang, founder of Product Tree, talks about a three-step process to prioritizing features for your MVP and how you can take your team on the product journey. (Product Coalition)

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4. Product Leader Colin Pal: “When I Was Younger, I Was A Lot More Idealistic.”

“Product leadership and management is going through certain enlightenment in Southeast Asia at the moment. We can observe an increasing number of people choosing this profession and evolving into product-centric roles,” writes Czech-born, Malaysian-based product designer, Jan Takacs. “Colin Pal, Product leader, Agilist and Tech enthusiast, is undoubtedly at the forefront of this shift in the region. (In his interview,) we sat down together to discuss leadership, product-driven cultures, agile, and how his passion for football provides him with a unique source of inspiration.” (Jan Takacs)

5. What Growing A Product From 0 To 100 Customers Taught Me About Pricing

Monetization is something that needs to be thought of from day 0. In most cases, the profitability of a product is closely tied to how you as a product manager choose to price your product. Tanay Agrawal, Product Manager, gives some key takeaways from his experience of growing an enterprise SaaS product from 0 to 100 paying customers. (Product Coalition)

6. The Six Biggest Post-Lockdown Challenges For Organizations

“Businesses and other institutions will be judged on how well they adapt to the post-Covid reality. The government has done some of the big work, and now the responsibilities are moving quickly down to the organisation to try to figure out how to resolve economic issues, supply chain issues, and also health and safety issues.” Charles Galunic, INSEAD Professor of Organisational Behavior, identifies six post-lockdown issues that organisations are grappling with: design and risk mitigation, remote working, control, connection, time horizons and versatile leadership. (INSEAD)

7. How Different Personality Types Cope With an Always-On Culture

Technology has radically changed how we manage our work and lives. We may have inadvertently become part of an “always-on culture,” with largely negative effects on our health and well-being. John Hackston and his company, The Myers-Briggs Company, carried out a research study and found answers on how we can take advantage of the conveniences of modern technology while minimizing the disadvantages of an always-on culture. (HBR)

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