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1. Are Feature Teams Or Component Teams Right For Your Product?

“Whenever you require more than a single development team to progress your product, you have choice: You can organize the teams around features or components.” Roman Pichler explains why this decision matters for product people, and shares his advice on when feature teams are right for your product and when component teams are better suited. (Roman Pichler)

2. In The Current Crisis, Less Hierarchical Companies Show Special Resilience

Noah Askin, INSEAD Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, did research on how more traditional organizations leverage the cultural and behavioral aspects of self-management imposed by the Covid-19 crisis. He has interviewed several organizations and “through their interviews, it became clear that three fundamental cultural traits have helped organizations cope with Covid-19.” (INSEAD)

3. What Is A Minimum Viable Product?

“Most product folk can recite the definition of an MVP in their sleep, but they often flake when it comes to putting one in front of their users.” Albert Dias, CPTO / SVP Product at Musafir Business, addresses in his article the following questions to establish a MVP: What is the minimum? Is it proof of concept? Does it has to be awesome? (Albert Dias)

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4. Money Buckets And Account Based Management In The Time Of COVID

“In times of crisis, businesses get their best results from doubling down on their established relationships – their best ecosystem partners and their installed base of customers.” Bigger enterprises typically represent better targets because they have more resources to redeploy. However, sales and marketing teams are just as likely not to know what they are. Geoffrey Moore explains that why we can get them focused quickly and successfully with different types of money buckets. (Geoffrey Moore)

5. Recruit A Better Team With This Easy Tip

“To build great products you need to recruit well. Recruiting well means matching how the job creates value with how people like to create value.” Mal Sanders, Head of Product and Design at Servcorp, defines two types of people and two types of job scales. He suggests to find a person with a matching worldview to where the role creates value. (Product Coalition)

6. Don’t Let Micro-Stresses Burn You Out

“Most of us have come to accept micro-stresses as just a normal part of a day. We hardly acknowledge them, but cumulatively they are wearing us down.” Rob Cross, Jean Singer and Karen Dillon have identified 12 common “relational” drivers of stress that are likely taking a significant toll on your well-being, without you necessarily being aware of their impact. Until you recognize these sources of stress, you can not begin to address them. In the article, they explain what can be done to mitigate the micro stresses in your life. (HBR)

7. The Manager’s Guide to Inclusive Leadership — Small Habits That Make a Big Impact

Massella Dukuly, Tania Luna, Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu and Vanessa Tanicien, leadership trainers and facilitators at LifeLabs Learning, discuss on how leaders can become anti-racist and inclusive in their daily interactions, building the habits that can help keep this important work centered and sustained. They share tactics you can put into practice to invite authenticity, cultivate self-awareness, get more feedback and lift up voices in your team. (First Round Review)

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