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1. The Skills Product Managers Need To Become A Director, VP, or CPO

Are you a product manager today and want to advance to a director, a VP, or a chief product officer (CPO)? Will the skills that have successfully landed you in management suffice for an executive role? Nikhyl Singhal, VP of Product at Facebook, describes in his article the skills at each executive level for a product manager. Find out wich skills you need to become a Director, VP or CPO. (Medium)

2. Four Types Of Dependencies That Kill

One of the beauties of a startup is its simplicity of focus. A well-run startup is hyper-focused on a specific customer problem. However, dependencies appear, they come in many forms and they all create a lack of agility that creates a crack for startups to maneuver in. Sean Sullivan, PM Consultant at Product Stride summarizes four types of dependencies and advices to “(1) minimize dependencies whenever possible and (2) actively manage those that you do have.” (Product Coalition)

3. What The Pandemic Taught Me About Product/Market Fit

The question is not, “Does the company have product/market fit or not?” The more appropriate question is, “What’s the strength of the company’s product/market fit?” Richard Prucell, Advisor to early stage startups to help strengthen Product/market fit, creates a scoring system for measuring the strength of a company’s Product/market fit and explains how the score can be used. (Hackernoon)

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4. The Magic Of Goal Setting: A Simple Framework For Managers And Teams

“How can you make sure, on a Monday, you’re doing the right things all week long – not just as an individual, but as a manager, across your team and organization? How do you help your team focus and make meaningful progress, so that at the end of the week, you go home knowing you spent energy on the most important work?” Paige Costello, PM Pillar Lead at Asana, shares her insights on goal setting and how managers and teams should use this framework. (Inside Intercom)

5. How To Take Personal Development Off The Backburner — Tactical Frameworks For Leveling Up

Building better teams and companies starts with working on yourself. But for startup leaders, making time for personal development is usually last on the list. Here’s a collection of tactical tips from the Review archives for getting started. (First Round Review)

6. For Maximum Productivity, Make Sure To Ask This Question A Few Times A Day

“Spending too much time on work that doesn’t really matter, is the greatest enemy of productivity.” Josh Davis, Neuroscientist and author, advices to schedule your own interruptions during a day and ask yourself what’s important at this day. This interruptions create a decision point, where you might realize that you are working on something that’s not the best use of your time. (Inc.)

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