PMF Connect Sessions #4: Rolling out Massive Product Changes, at Scale

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The March PMF Connect Session is on “Rolling out Massive Product Changes, at Scale.” The guest host will be Dave Meyer, Senior Product Manager at Atlassian. In each PMF Connect session, the guest speaker will open with a few highlights on their respective topic and then open it to the audience for questions. This is the time to pick the brain of someone who’s “been there done that” about the particular topic!

You hear a lot about running A/B tests, rapid iteration, and taking risks. But coordinating the release of massive change when you already operate at scale takes careful planning, deep understanding of your key metrics, and above all, empathy for your customers. Learn from Dave how the Jira Cloud team approached rollout of a complete redesign with confidence thanks to feature flagging, experimentation, and monitoring. Come with your questions and hear Dave share his thoughts on rolling out massive product changes to millions of users.

About the Guest Host

Dave Meyer is a Senior Product Manager at Atlassian working on Jira Cloud. He leads teams working on Jira’s core features like project administration and Jira’s APIs and developer ecosystem. Prior to Jira, Dave helped launch and grow the Atlassian Marketplace. You can usually find him on a plane somewhere between Sydney and Europe.

PMF Connect Session #4 will take place on 26th of March at 10:00 BST/11:00 CEST/20:00 AEDT.

Watch Live Stream – You will be able to watch the session and ask questions via the comment section on YouTube. (To receive a reminder closer to date, click on the link and then click “set reminder!”)

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