The PMF Top Picks #17

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1. The Right Kind of Conflict Leads to Better Products

Oysters and alliances have something in common: a little irritation can produce a thing of beauty. When partners in an alliance come into conflict, it can be just what is needed to produce a technically and commercially successful product.

2. Daily Product Management Pains

Which are the most common daily challenges for a product manager? In the 90-ties project management was established as a true profession with commonly required certification procedures. Today – we see a similar development for the product management role.

3. How to turn great Technology into great Products

Most startups begin with a great idea and technical expertise. But there’s a profound difference between great technology and a great product. This post is for anyone who wants to build a product that people will actually use.

4. Talking trends in product with Intercom’s Paul Adams and Emmet Connolly

Things like chatbots, voice UI, conversational commerce, machine learning, moving from screens to systems – all were discussed and debated anywhere and everywhere, including on Intercom’s blog.

5. Your Startup Design Kit from Bootstrapping to a Successful Product

Startups are not primarily about making money or creating stuff. Startups exist in order to learn how to build a sustainable business.

6. Your 2017 Product Management Tool Survival Kit

Aside from simply managing a team of employees, product managers must have a comprehensive understanding of various software and technologies in order to correctly and efficiently develop a product.

7. Top Product Management and UX Articles of 2016

Read some of the best product management and UX articles of 2016. Hope you enjoy!

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