Product Management Award 2014

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Who ist the Most Influential Product Management Professional 2014?

Many great Product Managers out there do their work with passion and commitment, a fact that enabled us to invite excellent speakers to our festival. They do a great job in the area of Product Management, they spread their knowledge and experience to our community and help us all doing our job better and better every day.


Why is it so important to honor outstanding Product Management activities?

We started thinking about establishing a vote for the Most Influential Product Management Professional while organizing the first Product Management Festival in 2013.

We were quite surprised about how many highly motivated and dedicated Product Managers were nominated. Furthermore, the sheer number of votings and really concise reasoning showed us the potential of our community.


What is good Product Management anyway?

The variety of Product Management activities depending on business sector, organizational structure and job description (or simply your boss) makes it difficult to find an easy definition of „good Product Management“.

Can you explain what constitutes a good Product Manager in your opinion?
Please share your thoughts and vote for your favourite.


Voting 2014 – Once again, it’s  time to honor our forward thinkers and opinion leaders

A lot of things are happening out there and the community is growing faster. We want to take advantage of this trend and renew our voting in order to give you the chance to consider anew who inspires and influences you most.

Everybody can be nominated – we refused to implement a static list of common Product Management “leaders”. Instead, we want to know what you think.
Have you visited any workshop that impressed you or read a book that did positively impact your daily work as a Product Manager?

Vote now for your favourite Product Manager! We will honor the winner at the Award Ceremony on the second day of the Product Management Festival.

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