Product Management Night #1 @GoogleHQ Zurich


Product Management Night is a local product management event where all members of the community are invited to join for an evening of exchange, knowledge and learnings.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Google HQ
Building 110, Brandschenkestrasse 110, Zurich


18:00-18:15 Registration
18:15-18:30 Intro
18:30-18:50 Joe Robinson – IDEO – “Money + People”
18:50-19:10 Sonam Suter – Hollister Incorporated  – “Global versus local product management (downstream vs upstream)
19:10-19:30 Interactive session Q&A Digitalization: digital product managers vs. traditional product managers(Participants: Christoph Borer, Nina Schneider, Joe Robinson, Sonam Suter)
19:30-19:50 Closing
19:50-21:00 Drinks and networking


JRobinson Headshot - March 2016

Joe Robinson loves to build tech products. He recently was an executive at Circle, a personal finance company backed by Accel Partners, General Catalyst, and Goldman Sachs. Prior to that, he worked at Square where he was product lead for Square Dashboard and Square Online Stores. Joe runs Designers + Geeks, one of the largest communities of designers and technologists in the world. Drawing from his experience in disruptive financial technologies, he speaks at conferences internationally about design and the evolution of money. Joe is an investor in several technology ventures, and provides mentorship to companies at TechStars, Hackers/Founders, and FinTech Fusion in Switzerland. You can find him on Twitter as @i8joe.

Money + People
Money is a funny thing. It can be broken down into numbers and logic, but it represents something far more substantial to us than simple math. We shape many aspects of our lives around money, and define many of our relationships with it. We think about it, sometimes worrying and sometimes celebrating. We think that having a lot of it must mean knowing a lot about it, but even those with the most money have questions about the basics.
In this talk, we’ll look at fun and informative examples of how Money + People relate. We’ll look at how money is becoming an integrated part of our online experiences. We’ll cover opportunities that are popping up for design and disruption in financial services.


Sonam Suter is a Senior Product Manager for Hollister Switzerland. Working in headquarters as well as for local offices in med-tech, Sonam knows both sites of the coin. Her journey started at Phonak, where communicating with over 25 subsidiaries around the world to ensure smooth product launches and process implementations shaped her understanding of global and local needs. She developed and implemented a global marketing planning process, new internal communication channels and trained people around the world in product launches.

Global versus local product management (downstream vs upstream)

o   Different mindsets: Local product management as executer for global versus global as service center for local product management

o   Findings from working on both sites: what to consider when dealing with local offices/local product management

o   What to consider in the med tech world – one sizes fits it all will never work.

Local Board 


Christoph Borer
Head of Platform


Nina Schneider
Product Lead



Frank Oliver
Manager Strategic Portfolio and Hearing Solutions
Sonova Group





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