Singapore, we’re back!

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Singapore, we’re back! Product Management Festival (PMF) kicked off our first event in Singapore last June with a two-day conference on the beautiful INSEAD Asia Campus. Over 300 product professionals came together to exchange ideas, network, and hear from 25 speakers over 30 sessions and these are just few of the testimonials from attendees and speakers we were so humbled to hear:

“Thank you so much for such an amazingly inspiring conference.”

“Thank you! Super Quality, and it was a pleasure to speak and attend.”

“Awesome conference. Felt light and easy but with a ton of learnings! :-)”

This year, PMF is returning to Singapore on 17-18 June 2019 with our academic and event partner, INSEAD. We will feature 30 speakers from diverse backgrounds and companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, Seek, Transferwise and Spotify. The topics will range from leadership and product culture to deeper dives in areas such as AI/ML and B2B.

The PMF speakers and fellow attendees will share their experiences and perspectives for you to trun into call to actions and can apply back at your organization. We look forward to welcoming you at Product Management Festival Singapore 2019 at the INSEAD Asia campus.

Why you should be there? Here are some reasons why:


books-11. Knowledge and Inspiration. You will learn from product leaders from a variety of industries and companies. Facebook, Flipkart, Grab, Transferwise, and many more will be on stage at PMF Singapore 2019. Product Management Festival is a great way to take in fresh new perspectives, get inspired and feel empowered.


2. Practical learning. Participate in interactive sessions with hands-on product work and bring these learnings to your workplace.Product Management Festival connect

3. Networking. Meet 250 product management peers. “Skipping conferences is problematic because you’re missing out on the benefits of networking” according to Francesca Gino, a professor at Harvard Business School. There’s an incredible amount of sharing, learning, and leveraging that can happen (not to mention potential to find potential new customers for your products).


4. Company exposure. Give your company an additional branding opportunity as you will be representing the company when meeting fellow attendees. And your organization’s name will appear on the website and on your badge.


5. Team building. This conference will help build your team, providing a forum for team members to discuss tools, technologies, and processes and how they might be applied to improve products, workflows, and strategies. (Team discounts are available!).

See our confirmed speakers for PMF Singapore 2019. Do not miss this opportunity to connect to the APAC product tribe, grow professionally, and make an impact when you return to your organization. Tickets are available at

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