Alfonso Fiore

Chief Product Officer

Alfonso is the Chief Product Officer at HappyFresh. Before that, he was Head of Products at AirAsia, Lead PM at Grab and PM in Agoda.

He holds an MSc in Computer Science and an MBA from London Business School. He values integrity, respect and agency.

In his first career, Alfonso worked around the world for one of the largest telecom vendors with projects across 3 continents.

While in London, Alfonso guest-lectured and taught entrepreneurship at INSEEC London (a French grand-école), spoke about entrepreneurship at London Business School and ran a 1,000+ subscribers tech meet-up.

As a passion project, Alfonso started 3MoJo as a way to connect all student entrepreneurs in London and create a community to help them meet each other.

Alfonso seeks opportunities that make him smile and learn new things each day.