Ludwig Wendzich

Director of Product Design

As the Director of Product Design, Ludwig currently leads the Product Design team at Vend, in Auckland, NZ. While at Vend, he’s also led the Product department (Designers and Product Managers) as Director of Product. Prior to Vend, he worked as a Senior Front-End Engineer at Apple in Cupertino. There he worked with the design team to develop and launch their web pattern library and design language.

In his career, Ludwig’s been an Engineer, a Designer and a Product Manager. Because of that, he’s often been called upon to be a translator or mediator between specialists. Recognising that neither the approach of “all specialists learning other specialties to become unicorns” or “those unicorns acting as mediators” will successfully scale in an organisation, he’s become focused on figuring out how to take the processes and connections that he can make because of his varied background, and teach teams of specialists to make those connections and discoveries in a room with each other.