The Future of Product Managment

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The world of product management is evolving fast, different perspectives emerge, leading to interesting discussions. We’re gathering renowned opinion leaders in the area of product management and want to hear their view on how the world of product management will change in the future. One session will be in the format of 5 minute inspiring lightning talks. With a clock running down and the mic switching off when the time is over. It’s gonna be fun.


The line up:

  • Michael T. Eckhardt | Chasm Institute
  • Steven Haines | Sequent Learning Networks
  • Gabriel Steinhardt | Blackblot® – Product Management Expertise™
  • Marty Cagan | Silicon Valley Product Group

After the initial opinion battle, the interaction starts. An open panel discussion will be held on the future of product management. The speakers and attendees will discuss the upcoming challenges. To stimulate the exchange, we asked the community through LinkedIn which topics should be covered and to put forward specific questions that should be posed.

Here is the summary of the inputs so far:

  • How would you compare user experience and customer experience with product management?
  • Where should product management be positioned: marketing, engineering or as an independent department?
  • Why are American products better than European products?
  • While there are many soft features that are critical to the success of a product, the most influencing factor would be its business model. So, how much of influence does product management have over the business model (in most organizations corporate strategy does not align with product strategy)?
  • It’s got to be asked… Do we need Product Management?
  • Product Management is defining the products a company is betting its future on. However, the most challenging task for PM is to drive the organization without normally having the control over the departments. Would it be better to change the organizational structure to allow product management to better drive the future?
  • Should we teach product management?
  • Why is product management undervalued and how do we change this?
  • How to introduce Product Management into an organization?
  • How do we actually demonstrate the value of PMs? What can we do as an individual, a team, a community?
  • What are the 3 most important activities a product manager should be responsible for – regardless of the market they work in?
  • When in the life cycle of a company is it necessary (essential) to introduce a product management function?

Feel free to add your questions as well. Post them in the comments below or join our discussion on LinkedIn

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