Why we need a product management award

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There are many great initiatives going on in the product management community, but often the word is not getting out far enough. It is time to honor the people who dedicate their time and energy to developing this amazing discipline. 


Many organizations struggle with product management. Many don’t even know they have or do product management, or that they should. While it can be argued that some product management activities are actually being performed but just not called that way, it is stunning how under recognized and under developed our discipline is. We as a community need to talk about our success stories and about the people who bring the about. Our stakeholders have to hear about the advantages our profession can bring to organizations.


While coordinating all the activities for the Product Management Festival, our team had the opportunity to talk to many people dedicated to product management. It was stunning to see what is going on around the world and with which passion individuals (and sometimes organizations) move our beloved topic forward. And there is not only activity, there are also results to show for it. It is time to tell the world about the great things that are happening and to honor the people driving them.


That’s why we introduced the MIPMP – “Most Influential Product Management Professional”- Award. As a minimal viable product (MVP) we decided to run an online vote. So that the community can decide who deserves the first MIPMP award ever given away.



  • People can mention the person they want to give a vote. No list to choose from. Anyone can be nominated.
  • The preliminary results are updated every day. As a MVP, it is not done automatically, but manually.
  • Names of nominees will not be published during voting (but selected reason for nominations might be during August)



We are keeping an eye out for automated or otherwise unfair multiple nominations that might skew the result.



As an extra incentive we honor the time invested to take part in the voting with some prices (and yes, it helps to spread the word about our conference too). In September we will raffle off 3 exclusive free tickets among all our voting participants.

  • 1×1 free VIP conference ticket
  • 2×1 free conference ticket


Well it’s not a high tech gadget or a car, but potentially helps people to attend who would otherwise not be able to. (Prices are not transferable. Winners who have already purchased a ticket for themselves will receive a refund for the purchased ticket at the conference.).




And yes, this approach has its limitations. Voting on a person could be superficial. Or as one of our Board Member (link) put it nicely: “I would prefer to vote on an achievement such as an influential concept, method, or product that advanced product management.”. In addition, an online vote can be influenced or even manipulated. But we believe on the honesty of the community. As for every product, we will work on it, learn and improve it for the next iteration.



Your vote counts now!

Dear reader, now it’s your turn. Visit the award page and vote for your preferred product management specialist. Maybe you win a ticket to visit the conference. But you will definitely contribute a small step towards spreading the word about good product management.

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